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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute

Are you an aspiring novelist eager to write your first novel? Or a writer looking to forge lasting connections with other writers and publishing professionals? Here at the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute at Hagerstown Community College, we know that it takes more than words on a page to craft a story and build a successful writing career. The annual MAFWI summer conference offers workshops and breakout sessions by bestselling authors, college faculty, and experienced public relations professionals. From story fundamentals like plot and point of view to seasoned advice on how to market your work, there is something for writers of every genre at MAFWI.

NRWI renamed Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute

on Thu, 11/20/2014 - 19:37

The Nora Roberts Writing Institute (NRWI) at Hagerstown Community College was recently renamed the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute.

Held every summer on the campus of HCC, NRWI's first two years featured fantastic weekend writing retreats with sessions taught by bestselling authors and college faculty.

Although NRWI was initially geared towards beginning and aspiring fiction writers, the institute has now grown to include programming for writers at various stages of their careers, touching on beginning, intermediate, and advanced subject matter.